August 17-19, 2018 • Wellston, MI

Nestled in 150 acres of farmland surrounded by the Manistee National Forest, Hoxeyville Music Festival is a testament to pure north country peace and celebration.

Hard Goods Vending Fee


Hard Goods Vending Fee

from 400.00

Payment option for confirmed vendors ONLY please.

Booth size:
Pay online


  • A 10'x10' space is $400, and includes 2 weekend wristbands, camping adjacent to your booth (for car/tent), and 2 electrical outlets for booth lights, NO power to RVs. RV passes are purchased through Admissions.   
  • **Double booths may extend 10'x20' DEEP, not 20' frontage.** Additional space behind your paid sales space may be used for parking/camping. RVs are not guaranteed adjacent parking.
  • Double booth fees do not include extra passes. 
  • Hoxeyville does not provide tents. Vendor tents MUST have STRAIGHT legs. Tents with slanted legs take up more than 10' of frontage. Do not bring this type of tent. 
  • Free standing displays/racks placed perpendicularly out front of booths are prohibited. Please respect the flow of foot traffic in the venue, and the impact extended displays have upon your neighbors. If you need more vending space, purchase a double booth. 
  • Extra helpers must purchase a regular weekend wristband through Admissions. 
  • Vendor children 12 and under are free. Ages 13+ require paid admission.
  • Hoxeyville does not guarantee sales. Vendors are assured exclusivity in their medium. 
  • Payment is due in full by MAY 1, 2018— or your space is forfeited.


Vendors must arrive by Noon on Thursday, August 16—no exceptions. Earlybird festival attendees may enter Thursday afternoon. Vending is permitted during this time, though not required. No vehicles may drive into the main venue after Thursday afternoon. You must arrive by this time in order to apply.


  • Vendors receive approximately 10'x50' in which to sell, camp and park. A double sales space leaves 10'x30' to park and camp. 
  • No trailers, campers, or RVs are allowed behind vending booths. All vendors bringing a camper/RV require an RV pass purchased through Admissions, and will be parked in RV camping. RV passes sell out, please do not wait if you need one.
  • Vendors' small enclosed storage trailers for product do not require an RV pass.
  • Please carpool, only (2) two vehicles are allowed per vendor.


  • If you plan to share your booth with other vendors, both vendors' goods must be represented in the application photos, along with names and contact information.
  • Absolutely no sales of smoking paraphernalia (including tobacco) or medical marijuana related items. This is a family friendly event. Attempting to sell these items results in ejection and loss of vendor fees.
  • No solicitation for petition signatures of any affiliation allowed in along entrance driveway, main venue, or vendor village. You may serenade attendees with songs of hope, protest and kindness at will.
  • No vending outside of your designated booth space, no walking vendor passes issued. 
  • Hoxeyville is officially trademarked. While we are flattered by your own renditions, we ask that you please respect that the brand name cannot be sold by anyone other than Hoxeyville.

  • Vending fees cannot be traded for volunteer hours.


Your vending payment is a commitment to Hoxeyville. A 50% refund may be issued between payment date and June 1. No refunds after June 1 for any reason. 




The entrance is 1/4 mile west of the intersection of M-37 and W 48 1/2 (Hoxeyville) Rd. We recommend that you do not use maps on Apple.