August 17-19, 2018 • Wellston, MI

Nestled in 150 acres of farmland surrounded by the Manistee National Forest, Hoxeyville Music Festival is a testament to pure north country peace and celebration.



I had never really sat down and tried to write a song before, but I always thought that it was an amazing way to tell a story. At the end of 2014, I attended a songwriting workshop led by my friend Joshua Davis. When I left, I had a new idea of what it all meant to be a songwriter, and I wanted to explore that.

During the next few months my life was all over the place. Relationships fell apart, I was dealing with insecurities I'd never seen in myself. My older brother passed away, very unexpectedly, and I'm still finding out how hard it is without him here. I met new people, got back in touch with people who I had lost touch with; I re-evaluated so many relationships. I was being pulled in every direction, and writing was something that I credit with helping me hold it all together.

I had written pages and pages worth of material - piles of notebooks. Not all of it was in song form - ideas, short stories, lists, funny/sad things that happened to me, written memories of times that I could barely recall. I pulled out 10 of the best ideas that I had to work with, and I ran with them.

With a massive amount of encouragement from Seth Bernard, Steve Leaf and the rest of my friends, Earthwork Music and beyond - here we are




The entrance is 1/4 mile west of the intersection of M-37 and W 48 1/2 (Hoxeyville) Rd. We recommend that you do not use maps on Apple.